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Since a few of you encouraged me with your compliments I’ll share a few more photos. My new boy is named Pongo (which I’m pretty sure is Swahili for “great cat with faint ocelli ears who is loved enormously by his mom and dad and always wants a treat.” IMG_4672.JPG
IMG_1023.jpeg IMG_4905.JPG

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John Campbell

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Looking Very Very nice.... I know that Elsa with her collar, she got to where she could take it off faster than I could put it on.... She eventually hid it somewhere that I could not find it, When I moved from Memphis, I found her hiding place... Put it back on her in Saint Louis and it was 1/2 a second it was flying across the room in one quick move... She has since found another hiding place and it has been there for a couple years now.. LOL...

Side Note, I hope that is a breakaway collar!
It is indeed a breakaway collar!We take it off each night and he is great about letting us put it on again in the morning. We did the same with out Bengal who died recently. We do it in case he gets out accidentally. Pongo darts for the door faster than any other cat I’ve had and it terrifies me. Next month we’ll start taking him for walks and let him see the outdoor enclosure extravaganza my husband built for him. Any ideas about preventing our boy from slipping out?

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Savannah Super Cat
Pongo is a Beautiful boy! Absolutely gorgeous!
Then there is Bugatti and Wow he is some kind of a Beauty too.
They are quite the Posers!

We have used the break away collars. They work quite well. Poppy loved hers instantly and she wears it proudly. Jasmine took her collar off everyday - twice a day and more. Finally, because I am stubborn —
I continued daily for at least a month committed to getting her to accept it. I was convinced... until the day I looked around for the cute pink collar. Oh I found it. In the bottom of the cat pan! :eek:

Poppy has a purple collar. Jasmine has no collar. Both are So Happy:p