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Rehomed an F1- Feeling.. not too good about it.


Savannah Super Cat
Uh... guys....

So I just arrived home from our day. In the 3 hours we were out, Max learned how to jump from the ledge of our bedroom, his containment room, to the foldout couch below. It's probably a 15 foot jump. We found him curled up asleep back upstairs and in my girls room... the TOP of their closet.

I can't believe he did that. I never thought he would. Clearly he's not injued... he got back upstairs and into the top of their closet (no doors, he's not hiding.)

So... HE'S clearly comfortable out of confinement.
Also, this means that for at least some short time... the two cats were free around each other. And no one is hurt.

We're assembling the new 5'x5'x5' containment cage... but should I be changing my direction?

Also, all of Mango's food is gone. Did she eat it? Did he? Did they? Now I have no way of knowing if he's eaten or not?


Reincarnated cat Moderator
OK. Not too many folks will agree with this, but if Max is Mango's half brother, there may be some feeling of recognition, and he may want to get out to see Mango. I do not claim to be an animal psychologist, but he may sense the family connection, and be upset that he is not allowed fraternize. :)


Staff member
I don't understand why you want to cage him??? He has not shown any aggression from what you have described, and has already made it pretty clear that he is comfortable in the house. I agree that it would probably be wise to keep him quarantined, but a room (a bedroom or bathroom) would be a better choice than a small cage if that is at all possible, so that he isn't so tightly confined. I'm just afraid a cage may be counterproductive...