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Savannah Cat Myths ll - by Brigitte Cowell

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
I have lived and dealt with some very "bad (tough)" dogs and horses over the years. It was my thing for years. I always have a healthy respect for what could happen in the best of situations with any animal and kids. I have rules about our very good dog never being with the kids when I am not home, for her safety as well. No one could have prepared me for the reality of George and the family. I could not have paid enough money for a more perfect pet. He wants to interact with the kids, be with them, be involved with their games. He is gental with them, keeps his claws in, doesn't bite and just exhists in the middle of chaos happily. When they are sleeping he looks for them. My husband and I watch in amazement. No puppy would be able to be with them and not bite and jump (just being normal) no kitten I have ever seen would chose to remain in the "pile" for any length of time. It is amazing. It is also closely supervised, no one can use their hands to play with him, no chasing by him or them, no picking him up, and no putting your face in his face. He gets plenty of time by himself to eat and sleep as well. I will tell you why we are so amazed, I have 9 children, 7 of whom are six and under. Quiet is now at 3 in the morning, this is the only quiet time! The SV is the perfect pet for us.
Thats a really beautiful kitty you have there! I'm new to the forum. How old is he and what generation?


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Thank you for posting this!!
Definitely! We watched the "Skydiver" episode of My Cat From Hell last night and that episode did nothing for dispelling the myths. I truly had to wonder why the man had the SVs - he never seemed to express any affection for them. It was almost like he has a dangerous job so he must have "dangerous" cats. He certainly didn't understand the needs and time commitment for being owned by high-energy cats.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree, the owner seemed to have gotten them for the means of bragging about his "wild" cats... and I suspect the reason they'd developed the way they did was lack of proper socializing after he'd gotten them from the breeder... he wanted cool ornaments not active and interactive companions :-(

It was upsetting to see the F2 being cornered so that she hissed and slapped and then have that blamed on the "wild" heritage...when the very next segment showed a "maine coon" being more aggressive but that behavior wasn't due to wild blood. It seemed ridiculous to me, I can only hope the other viewers have enough brain to see that as false. It was not good for our breed, just fostering more negative "wild" myths about them :-(


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The episode a couple of years ago on a Bengal was even worse. That cat repeatedly lunged at the woman's neck. But the bengal had been picked up at the shelter so you have to wonder what it had been thru. The SV's on the other hand, had been there since they were kittens so it was truly the owner to blame.