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still peeing!


Savannah Super Cat
OKAY! second dousing of anti icky poo on the urin on the couch, the first installment did NOT take the smell away very well, hoping that since this time I SATURATED the cushions, it should do the trick. I also bough cat attract litter for both litter boxes, and next I will get the feliway spray to use on the furniture. Chester is also done with with antibiotic.....LETS HOPE all these things do the trick!:)


Savannah Super Cat
I still think the size of your litterboxes, though labeled "large", may not be an adequate size for your girl. This is what I use. As inexpensive as they are, one or two might be worth a try for your girl. Some cats seem to prefer the clear totes, while others are happy using the colored ones. Storage Containers Storage Containers

The cavity of the largest of her boxes is 26x16x10. I put 10lbs of litter in it. That's pretty much the same size as both of these but not as deep. She only uses the largest box to poop in because I think she can turn all around to dig a hole and cover. She prefers the next size down to pee in. Perhaps she doesn't want to go to the trouble of scaling the tall sides of the big one just to pee? Doesn't want to pee in the same box that she poos in? I don't know.

I've thought about using tote containers in the past, but I was afraid it would become a killing zone for the other cat. Although with 5 litter boxes now, its not like she'd have to use that one.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Well then....if I were you, I'd try one of the deeper totes. I am assuming you mean 10" high for your existing one? You might try putting less litter in it, too. As you know, cats can be finicky; some may prefer deep litter and others want less litter to dig through. It is very common for cats to pee in one box and poop in another. And you would be surprised; my lazy fat DSH girl has no problem jumping in and out of the deep totes we have. Though I have several lower ones...around 10" tall, she prefers the deeper ones for both duties...for privacy, I presume.


Eddies a ham!
We use large CLEAR totes with 4 inches of litter....the boys are fastidious in their "duty". I wonder if he is stressed? The couch didn't have to have anything on it, scotch guard is sometimes applied to the fabric before being worked on to protect it...You talk about the smell is he marking since he wasn't feeling good? Neutered males CAN still mark their territory & it won't matter how many litter boxes are available. I would use the Feliway plug-in in that room to help him relax. I once had a Siamese:devil: that went to the vets every day for 10 days for her medicine...this RN just couldn't FORCE love: