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The F1 from hell


Savannah Super Cat
I think it sounds like you don't have a great bond or relationship with this cat when she is NOT having kittens around and so the addition of the protective hormones when she DOES have kittens means that that situation worsens.

Did you get this queen when she was a kitten or as an adult? I might want to work on my relationship with her once kittens are weaned and before you rebreed her if you want the situation to be different next time she has kittens.
She was three months old when I got her. You are right---I have never been able to have a good relationship with her. She reminds me of a Quarterhorse mare I had several years ago---definitely an alpha mare and would never mentally submit. It was a definite personality conflict that went on for all the years I had her. The next horse I had was much easier to get along with simply because of a more submissive personality. Kenya is definitely the "alpha mare" of all my cats. Fortunately her sister Mercedes is not like her---very sweet and friendly even though I got her as an adult.


Savannah Super Cat
Your original bond with a breeding unaltered kitten compared to the bond when they are a breeding unaltered adult can change now that hormones are "controlling" actions.

My suggestion to you is having this unaltered female not with the kittens if she is being over protective. Some kittens have to be pulled if the mother is being OP. At the 5 week mark kittens go dashing off and the mother will try to force them into being in a "safe area" this can cause OP.

It's not uncommon for a unaltered mother to be overprotective at times especially if she feels that the kittens are in "danger" (in her mind anyways)

Also it is not uncommon for breeders to have this issue come up after breeding for a while, thinking nothing of how easy they have it till they have the OP mom causes chaos. A mother could be great then have a OP streak. It could be another cat smell on you, another cat too close, loud sound, hurt kitten and well anything that "spooks" the mother.

Be it a kitten or adult when you get the cat either can be OP. They could be OP for a year then never do it again.

If you have any more questions you can call my cattery phone and I can try to give you advise. Please make sure to properly clean your cuts or you can get cat scratch fever and you will regret getting that!
Hi and thank you for your comments. Actually I have done exactly what you suggested---kept her out in her pen and away from her kittens until last week. I brought her back into the house because I thought enough time had gone by that she would have mellowed out. She has but not very much so I put her back in the cattery where she will remain until her kitten is shipped out.