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The Magnificent Savannah Cat


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I should say that I think it was put together by someone else and then patti modified it...I want to be sure credit is given where it is due and will try to find out who did the original work.

The Magnificent Savannah Cat (5 MB)[/quote]
I just saw this, LOL - talk about being behind! I initially created this presentation for the TN show and Savannah-Rama a few years ago, and have updated it on a yearly basis as the Standard has changed. However, the pictoral contributions are from a multitude of people and what makes the presentation so valuable - without them I could never have put it together!! This year it has been completely renovated with new pics and the Standard that will be in effect starting May 1st when we begin competing in Championship.


Savannah Super Cat
I have come across that before, and it is extremely informative. I'm very interested in showing... Only problem is though, I can read that over and over again and still find my cats perfect, lol even though they aren't, it is still so hard to see past the savannah standard versus the love that makes mine beautiful to me! :)

If anyone is willing to do a critique on one, or all three of mine let me know, i don't think I could express how grateful I would be just to hear from someone who knows the type to be able to give me a critique of my girls.. I don't mind criticism since I love them unconditionally, I think all I would like is to see how a judge would access them in a show setting! If anyone is interested I can email particular pictures :-D

The best thing to do is go to a TICA show before May! Right now some judges will explain what they like etc. I have learned most about my cats showing and comparing them to the other cats in the ring. This will change after May and the Savannah will not be in the New Breed ring where the judges and owners can have an open discussion.

Brigitte Cowell

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This is exactly why showing is so valuable! We all see perfection in our cats (sometimes referred to as cattery blindness as opposed to 'love is blind') until we are able to compare them to other Savannahs in the show ring, and see them through the judges' and other peoples' eyes.

I would be happy to critique your cats, but I will be honest so be prepared... :) You can send the pics privately to if you want.
Agreed, Patti, I think it particularly important and valuable when one is a new breeder... it really is so easy to love them so much one doesn't see the things that don't quite fit the Standard!