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Too late, was it FIP?


Savannah Super Cat
My vet said it was either FIP or a lymphatic cancer. I have done a lot of research, and I am sure it was FIP. My reason is the protein and Globulin were very high which was what I found online in a cat that had FIP where blood results were discussed. Tink's numbers were very close to the example given. I also found online that if the albumin/globulin ratio was less than .8 the cat had a 92% chance of having FIP. Tink's ratio was 0.2. I will wait until Christmas or later and then start looking for another Savannah. Sue


Staff member

Sue, my heart goes out to you - such a unexpected, sudden, and tragic loss must be totally devastating. Although it is typical for cats to show symptoms of FIP prior to crashing, the albumin/globulin ratio is highly suspicious for FIP. My only comfort would be to say that she went quickly and did not suffer long like the vast majority of cats do with this horrific disease. RIP Tink :(

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
When my Neka was going back and forth between if she had effusive FIP or lymphoma, when my vet and the emergency vet did blood work it mostly returned as normal. They only thought the effusive FIP because of fluid in her chest cavity and the return of that had some yellow in it or something. As I said before my vet had paid for the information after her death, "because he had to know" and it returned as solely lymphoma carcinoma.

So I know at least in my case with something like this, her lab values were within normal range with the lymphoma. Leading me to further believe that it's likely the FIP for yours...

Sorry again for your loss :( Sending good thoughts your way..