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Urgent please help!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Personally, I would have the new kitten sleep with you as Muffin is already bonded to you. It is not a good idea to move her back and forth during quarantine.
Completely agreed. Moving the kittens around is just unsettling. Choose one space for each and keep them to it.

if your parents do have a baby gate, that helps. It doesn't allow you to have the door open and the kitten stay in unless you pile 2 or 3 on top of each other to completely cover the doorway, but it does slow a kitten down and then they have to jump up to what is more your hand height...saves that "strange gorilla walk" that Rafiki mentions, LOL!

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat

So I went to the walmart and got three kittie poof doors, im hoping this allows them both to meet safely. Going to leave it like that for like 15-20 and see, theres some hissing now but I just started. Then ill reclose the door. I spent a large chunk of the day with the new kitten. She now lets me pet her, pet her head and pick her up so thats a huge step forward!

She hates being locked in the bathroom, she's such an exploring soul!

How do I stop her from climbing the gates? and is there any way to cheer her up a bit so she stops whining :(

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
Aww shes being so cute, seems so mean before, but now shes being a sweet heart hanging around trying to get me to give her chin scratchies. Cant wait for the two of them to bond zomg!


Staff member
The baby gates are a good option but inconvenient for you to get in and out of. Purchasing a screen door may have been less expensive and give you better access to both rooms. Nevertheless, it is for only two weeks so bearable.

You will not be able to stop her from climbing the gates, but she will eventually realize that she can't get out and do it less frequently (she will probably still do it when she sees you). Spending time with her and playing with her will give her comfort and cheer her up while she's in there.

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
I've hit my head so many times on the baby gates when its late night or early morning haha, but it's also allowed me to block off areas that aren't rooms like random spots mid hallway so thats been cool too :D