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Vaccine Education and Information


Staff member
I'm very sorry to hear that Katniss has become ill. I hope that you have had the more sensitive IFA test to confirm FeLV, I have heard many stories of false positive FeLV tests that end up being negative when tested using the IFA method. Did you pursue a blood transfusion? A red blood count of 8% if only about 1/3 of what is normal in cats, I would be interested to know what your regular vet recommended regarding this.

Please keep us posted on how Katniss is doing.


And her brother Crazy !
So sorry I have not updated everyone! It has been a roller coaster ride! Our prayers (per our vet!!) have been answered and although Katniss is still positive, our Rikki healing and iron meds have brought up to 20% red blood cell count and she is eating well and being active! Yesterday she actually ate some dry food for the first time!!!! I continue the prednisone treatment with the vitamins and will follow up with the Vet in a month. While this was great news on Nov 22, we married on the 23rd and somehow the back door was left open and Crazy disappeared.. Downer for sure!! Ruined Thanksgiving although I had to have the reception and cook for everyone.. :( We put up flyers and walked the neighborhood for hours to no avail. Thursday passed, Friday passed, Saturday passed.. I did not know how sad and how much someone could cry. We were soooo sad. On the Sunday I prayed sooo hard and asked why Crazy should be sacrificed so our Katniss should live and suddenly there he was! By the back door. I ran to open and he ran back under the deck as we have a crawl space the whole underneath of the house. He was ALIVE!!! We tried to entice him with food to no avail.. We left the door open with his hammock and left a trail of food into the house. We went to lunch with Corey's brother who was in town for the wedding, ate fast and came home.. YES...dirty pawprints throughout the kitchen and he was hiding behind the couch! woohooooo! Stinky but looking good for four days under the house in the rain and cold. Took a nice warm shower and he slept for days in his favorite afghan on our bed. Praise God for his Blessing and we are all back on track. Except now Crazy howls at night soooo bad. I think it's PTSD. I have tried calming spray to no avail. Any suggestions would be great as I have to sleep in living room and keep him in bedroom so that I can sleep!! Crazy times for sure, but so grateful we are all together!! Thanks for listening! Your prayers are most definitely welcomed!!


Staff member
Glad to hear Katniss is doing better! Give crazy time to settle down... Try some nutricalm perhaps... Sounds like he liked it outside and wants to go out, so it may take a bit

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