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What other breeds do you own?


MK Anderson

I have two DSH Chloe(black female), Pergie(white deaf boy)and Keeba(Savannah)...Chloe rules the roost here!!! Chloe doesn't really care for Pergie, but they make it work or maybe I make it work for them, LOL! She does like Keeba. Keeba is the peace maker between them and gets along Very well with both cats. Keeba will not have any kind of confrontation with either of them, he will walk away. I think one time, Chloe got a little too mouthy and Keeba smack her good:big grin: . Keeba could really take her out if he wanted too, but he's just too nice.. I have only heard him(keeba) hiss twice, I think! Pergie really doesn't have a clue to anything that is going on, he's deaf, so he really is clueless to the fact the Chloe doesn't even care for him, LOL! It really is very funny!! She hisses and he sits there, clueless! and Keeba runs for the stairs! And Pergies sits....Keeba and Pergie are very bonded. Pergie really depends on Keeba a lot and it's not very often you find them apart from each other. So, my Savannah get along very well here with both cats!!
What other breeds of cats do you own? Do you find said breed gets along well with your Savannahs or not?

We have had Sphynxes with our SVs and they get along amazingly well. We currently have a Selkirk and he loves playing with Savannah kittens! We also have three oldies- DSHs- and they tolerate the SVs, but don't play with them.
Well as you well know Miss Trish that you got us hooked on the Selkirks. We also have a number of Household Pets, many that we have taken to shows!

Per Lausund

Staff member
We have a variable number of Savannahs and Bengals running around, and it seems to work out well: they all team up regardless of breed if one hides under a carpet! And there is no discrimination when chicken is handed out, they are all equally egoistic! And whenever something "falls" off a table there is not a Bengal or Savannah in sight, they┬┤re all happily asleep... innocent buddies.jpg

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think there is a breeder in the midwest that has Turkish Angoras and Savannahs. From what I have learned of the breed from hanging out at a cat show they seem to have similar enough personalities to be a decent match :)


I have a Ragdoll named Solo! This breed is quite the opposite of a Savannah I guess you could say. My Raggie is fluffy and lazy, calm and like a blob. But he really loves wrestling with Kronos, and he is also puppy-dog like in that he follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom. Solo has the endurance to keep up with Kronos no problem, but mainly chooses to lead a calm life when the kitten isn't trying to play with him :) I really love how great they get along and feel lucky to have such two fabulous cats.

Here is a pic of Solo. He is a mitted blue point with a blaze.