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5 month old F6 SBT intact male yowling


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Thanks Chris.

The rest of the fence is secure, it's just the top and the gates and it's 300 feet of fence. Hence it's taken us 3 years to try and get it secure. But with 7 cats and not all get along it helps to have the extra outdoor space to keep the peace, although it was not too bad over the winter, guess everyone is a little lazy in the cold weather.

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
I'd love to secure my back yard. It's probably a similar amount of fence. But it would take a lot of work and some serious upgrades.

Wonder if the cats would take on a great blue heron? The goldfish and koi in the pond attract them. Would be good to have some guard cats, as long as they don't get speared. Wouldn't mind if the cats fed themselves on goldfish...


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Well I must admit I do save on food costs in the summer as some of them "eat off the hoof". Of course I have to buy flea meds and/or de wormer, but at least I don't have to make as much food. I make my own raw food, it's cheaper than good grade canned and kibble is used as a treat or as a topper on some of the raw food. They don't like chicken as much as pork, turkey or beef so I put a few kibble on top:))

The fencing has been a challenge. We started with a basic wide chain fence which we had to put chicken wire over, then came the deer fencing, which they would pull down or chew through to get out. Plus the winter was hard on it. Now we have another 4 feet of wire fence on top of original fence and we still have to add the deer fencing at the top angled out (into yard) this I really really hope will work.

They all love to be outside, chasing bugs and the stupid chipmunks, mice or squirrels that come inside the fence. We have cat houses that they can go into and nap or get out of's a cats life. I'm also going to put up some walkways between some of the trees in hopes to keep the kitties that like to roam better entertained inside, life is tough for a cat here:))


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I walk one of my cats around my development where there are lots of dogs...Taj is not afraid of the dogs...they are afraid of him...but it takes a bit of time to build up a cats confidence

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Rafiki is not afraid of dogs and wants to approach any and all new potential playmates. Fortunately my neighbors know the limitations of their doggy training (both dogs love to chase cats) and usually cross the road with the German Shepards to avoid any potential issues.


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Here he is outside in the grass and the one below is when he's the quietest..a sleep:)

He gets fixed tomorrow so I hope his need to try and mate with Spencer will end so they can play instead:)
Thanks again for all the advice.

Meeko-Grass.jpg Meeko.jpg Meeko.jpg

Pam Flachs

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Oh, my! He is SO handsome...lucky you :)

All the more reason to be sure your outdoor enclosure is cat safe :)


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He looks a lot like a Siamese and from what I've read about them they can be very noisy and this guy has lungs a plenty.

As for the enclosure, that's a given on keeping him in. We have a few escape artists, one in particular and if we can keep her in it will be safe. Right now I'm leash walking him and supervising him in the back yard.