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A few things, with a question

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I would want to be very sure before getting the kitten...what happens if what you hope for doesn't happen? What happens if Nicole hates the disruption that a rambunctious F2 might cause, getting into things etc? Do you have to rehome the kitten?
For starters, I will NEVER rehome a kitten/cat/pet/etc. I give my animals a forever home, and there is nothing that would ever make me rehome a kitten, even a bratty girlfriend. I'm going to make very sure, that's why I want Nicole to meet an F2 and decide WITH ME that she will be okay with this decision. I would never get a pet without her consent. We live together, we have to make decisions together.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Good to hear! There are other situations, and even some where rehoming is a better option than keeping the pet though... say your existing cat hated the new cat and you could never get them to even coexist happily... sometimes in those cases it is kinder to find a better home for the new cat than have them needing to be shut in a room by themselves because they can't be out in the house together.

Dealing with rescue situations for years now, I do see situations where it is better for the pet to find a new forever home although I think your sentiment is important, the intention to make it work and taking the commitment to a new pet seriously :)


I am a hands on person too, it really did take meeting savannahs in person to finally persuade me to take the step into ownership. I visited 2 local breeders in person. The first one was super nice even though I did not end up buying, I gained a lot of knowlege from the visits. It is always easy to fall in love with the cute baby kittens, but meeting the parent cats was super awesome to get an idea of what they are like grown up. I even got to meet a serval, which was sooo awesome and majestic.

If there are no local breeders for that option to work, I agree a cat show is the next best thing. Even if they don't have an F2, meeting some of the other generations is still a good experience in getting a feel for the breed and hearing their owners talk about their experiences.


Savannah Super Cat
TwistMiss, first let me say, congratulations on doing your due diligence on your search and preparation. Too many people simply jump in with these types of cats because they fall in love right away. I think we've all fallen head over heels for Savannah's, it's easy to do so. But you are doing the right thing. Here is a couple of Savannah Breeders in Florida. You may need to call or email them to find out if they have any F2's that you may be able to meet. I think as someone suggested earlier, to meet both F2 Kittens as well as adults so you can see how they both are. But remember, every cat, just like every person, has a different personality. Also, not to scare you, but be aware that there are some scammers out there so please read the scammers thread and if you have any questions, feel free to post them in here because the SV world is still pretty small, so most likely someone on this forum will know of the breeders you're interested in using and can validate their legitimacy.

These are all Savannah Breeders in Florida:

Here is a large list of Savannah breeders compiled by Patrick Kelley. Some of the sites are now dead links but it's a good place to look if the above sites don't have anything you're looking for. Infact, I myself found Shelby, my F3's breeder on this site.

Good luck!!!