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Adopted an Adult - hissing, swatting, digging HELP

Trish Allearz

Congrats on ziggy and can't wait to see more updates! I'm glad his first adoptive momma realized he was a bit much for her and it's all worked out.

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Staff member
I'm so glad to hear that Ziggy is getting a second, second chance, and even more grateful to hear how well it is going so far. Thank you so much for posting an update on him, and for giving him the home, and the chance he deserves!

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
It's Ziggy's 3rd birthday today and he'd like to share a photo:


He's chasing a feather wand.
All the joy is his and all the technical imperfections are mine.

Chris, Carolyn, and Ziggy--and Oni and Jax.


Staff member
Chris, thanks for posting an update on Ziggy and welcome to the forum!

That photo above is priceless I love it!

Ask whatever questions you may have we will be happy to answer and help you with whatever you need!

John Popp

Site Supporter
I'm certainly a Ziggy fan and hope he does well in his new digs. Having read through his toils, I reflect back on how Chongo made my heart beat out of my chest while he was socializing me. He was a load to deal with, but underneath all his deviant and demonic behavior he was a real sweetheart. I'm sure Ziggy will find that happy spot sure to make him a very cherished friend.