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Adopted an Adult - hissing, swatting, digging HELP


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Happy birthday Ziggy, you are one seriously gorgeous cat! Be nice to your new non-furparents because we want to see more of you on this site.

John Campbell

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It's Ziggy's 3rd birthday today and he'd like to share a photo:

He's chasing a feather wand.
All the joy is his and all the technical imperfections are mine.

Chris, Carolyn, and Ziggy--and Oni and Jax.

Happy Birthday Ziggy... And with a stance like that, I would be tempted to say he was just posing.


Savannah Super Cat
Happy belated birthday ziggy! I am so happy to see he has found his forever home. It's crazy how his reaction to the new home is like night and day. sometimes you've just gotta find the right match. Some personalities just don't get along as well. There must be some sparks flying! =]

"Those who wander aren't always lost"


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Happy birthday Zigs. Be nice to your new parents!

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Brigitte Cowell

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I'm really happy to see this continuing to progress... I am definitely hopeful that Ziggy is going to integrate into this household with time and we are going to see the happy ending I know we all want :)

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Ziggy's still doing well. We see him settling in a bit more every day. He was quite cautious at first and now he plays with abandon. His cold seems to be improving, and his temperament with it. He has moments of pure silliness, which is a joy to see. While he still wants to be out in the rest of the house and with the other two cats, he isn't quite so insistent.

He's still learning to trust us, and us him, and good progress is being made on both sides.

We're learning to read him better. While Carolyn (and I to a lesser extent) sees some aggression, we're learning what triggers it--often if we stay too long, or if he's hungry.

I'm looking forward to the next step in integrating him into our home. It's only been a week and 3 days, and we intend to continue the quarantine another week and a half. Once he's over his cold we'll take him back in to our vet to update his other vaccines (we only updated his rabies on his first visit).

Our other cats continue to be curious, as does Ziggy about them. We'll start feeding them on opposite sides of the glass the end of this week, and start opening the sliding doors a slit soon after.

I wish I could find the words for how happy we are to have him here and to see him settling in!

Chris and Carolyn, devoted servants of Oni, Jax, and Ziggy.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Sounds you say it has only been a little over a week and you are seeing progress and bonding...I think that is GREAT!

jungle boy

Savannah Super Cat
Wow! It sure is GREAT to hear some wonderful news like this once in awhile! I have SUCH a good feeling in my heart about this whole situation, you have no idea! May God bless you Chris Elliot and Carolyn!