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Amara's weight is down a little bit.

David Z

Site Supporter
No but I think she hurt herself the other day. She jumped off the fridge and when she landed it was like she got the wind knocked out of her. She stopped for a second I tried to grab her to check on her and she darted and tackled her lil sis and started wrestling. Vet said that's prolly why she was a bit sore there by the shoulders so she attributed that to the knot in the muscle. I tried to feel for it before she got her massage but I couldn't feel it.

She usually doesn't jump off the fridge, she uses the counter but I think she was trying to scare her lil sis.
Remi goes through periods like this. She will loose up to a pound sometimes. Then it seems like a switch is turned on and she will eat a lot, then back to normal. I thought it was her way of regulating her weight. She isn’t a big girl, 12 lbs and very lean and muscular.

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