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Amusing Cat Behavior

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Mayhem does this, also. I suspect, many others do also, including other breeds. Cats tend to be smart overall.


Savannah Super Cat
Yesterday while I was working my mom was feeding my parrots breakfast, and zeddie was "helping". I guess my macaw was too loud for her because she looked at him and made the weirdest noise! Like a mrrr but more annoyed I guess lol. My mom said it was the funniest thing she had ever seen Zeddie do (which is saying a lot haha) too bad she didn't get it on film
I understand where Zeddie's coming from! My sister-in-law has about 6 Moluccan Cockatoos and an assortment of parrots...around 15 birds in all. She's the family 'bird whisperer'. When they all get going, the noise is deafening. I don't know how her family and the dogs put up with it. She has rescued a few cockatoos that have been mistreated, and wants to open her own bird sanctuary.


Animal Communicator
We have 4 parrots, and when they get going...its enough to make you deaf haha. We have a "bird room" dedicated to them, so we can always close the door lol.
Zeddie thinks its her job to keep them in line. If they are too noisy, or don't listen to me she "mrrr"s at them, or pats their tails with her paw. Its okay if she doesn't listen to me though... -_-


Savannah Super Cat
Well, Triton still hasn't used his domed cat bed to sleep in, but he still hauls it into his cage every day. You'd think he'd want to sleep in's so nice a cushy. Heck, if it was bigger, I'd sleep in it! :big grin:


Savannah Super Cat
hi guys just came across this thread ... We had something similar happen but with a bag of defrosting chicken that was left on the worktop unattended ... one of them had taken it off the counter and carried it upstairs and placed it in their basket in the bedroom ... hadn't attempted to eat it just stashing it for later :) ... so funny