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Babies Tomorrow!!


Site Supporter
O M G nothing I read, watched, followed has prepared me for this :) The flight was delayed so those poor babies were cooped up for extra time. They were fine on the drive home cleaning each other and curious about us. Both came right out of the carrier, explored us and then the room and it's been playtime ever since. 4 bandaids later we are thinking long sleeves for a bit lol. He is a bit younger and smaller than she and it is adorable how patient she is with him trying to keep up with her. She is a firecracker! Still thinking of names for them and I will upload some pics a little later IF she ever collapses so I can take one. I am sooo happy.

John Popp

Site Supporter
That's great to hear! The boy definitely looked like he was still shedding his fuzzy look and i wasn't sure why until you mentioned the age difference.

Can't wait to see more pictures, and I'm sure some people are getting twitchy waiting for belly shots.


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Okay so spill... what is the secret to safe sleep? Steel toed boots for under the blankets? Army helmet to protect my ears? Or do I just resign myself to 3am playtime and possible new ear and toe piercings? :)

I am so in love with these kittens! Fascinated, charmed, and yes enthralled. They are making their needs known and I jump to please them. They are training me well.

The F3 male is 8 weeks old and a little love bunny. Playful, adorable, and he just wants to keep up with his sister.

The F2 female is 10 weeks old and a spitfire diva run the show kind of girl. The first 6 hours were non stop barreling around the room over and over until she would collapse and sit panting for about oh I'd say maybe a minute and then whoosh up and running again. If you sit quietly and watch she puts on a show. If you turn your attention to anything then she is right there in your face demanding that you stop wasting your time and either play with her or watch her play.

They ADORE each other. When they finally ran out of steam they were up on the bed snuggled up giving each other baths.

So I say okay now is the time to go have a cup of tea (although a vodka tonic did sound kind of appealing). I was sitting in the room next door and I hear her little alien laser gun mew chirp so of course the master calls, the servant runs. I go in the room and she attacks me with love chirps head butts tail across the face need to on you to pet me love me NOW. So my first question was who are you and what have you done with my insane kitten??? Second question was where is your little brother? I look around, don't see him, then spot him nestled in, unconscious behind one of the pillows on the bed. Then I get it. She couldn't find him and totally panicked. OH NO I AM ALONE ABANDONED FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES!!! When she saw me she was so grateful not to be alone that she was throwing herself at me.

When I realized what had happened it took ALL I had not to burst out laughing, but I kept my cool, allowed another few minutes of marking me and owning me and feeling loved and then I showed her where her brother was. She was so happy to see him but kept running back to thank me with the head butt rub herself all over me thing then back to do the same to him. He just wanted to sleep, poor exhausted little guy. :)

I have pics but now need to find where I put the cable to connect to the PC to upload them. In my frenzy to kittenproof I of course hid any cables but now hitting that age where I can't remember where I hid them.

The babies are here, I can't believe it! I am over the moon with happiness!