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Best companion for a Savannah cat

Best companion for Savannah cat?

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Savannah Super Cat
Savannah’s are just great cats that in my house get along with my Maine Coon, my Italian Greyhound,my son’s visiting Golden Retriever on weekends, and now our tiny
4 Lb Singapura kitten.

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I was looking for a companion fellow Savannah for my Puma for a while until a friend introduced me to a breeder of Sigapuras. Initially I dismissed the idea of ever getting such a tiny cat/kitten as a companion for a Savannah. I’ll let the picture tell the rest.

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OMG - cute overload!


Savannah Super Cat
2 males generally get along great. 2 females usually do not. Cats are generally more tolerant towards a kitten.
I must admit - as my Savannah girl arrived i had 2 DSH (red Tabby EKH intact) and they get along very well - the oldest one Hetty near 5 years and daughter Lina with 2,5 years accepted Nabila 2,5 years without any great problems - Hetty is the lead cat and Lina with Nabila are best closest friends ...

It can work out also well with females :)