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Big Cat Rescue SPEWS NONSENSE AND IGNORANCE - Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats Make Bad Pets?


Staff member
I know I already answered, but thought I would share one more reason. I am on another business trip and my cats miss me! I am not suggesting other breeds wouldn't miss their people, of course. But my Savannahs are running to the door every time they hear a car outside, and still run to my husband's iPad when I call home via FaceTime because they hear my voice. Just another testament to their loyalty and affection.

Ps. Please cross fingers I get out of Buffalo tomorrow and make it home to my 2 legged and 4 legged babies!
Good luck Becki! Please get out ASAP as we are due for another snow storm on Wed


Savannah Super Cat
My two boys are both loving and sweet. Their personalities are so different, one throws himself down in front of me for belly rubs, the other nibbles toes. I guess if you really stretch it the nibbling could be considered aggressive, but since he has never left any marks, we think they are love nibbles. They could be considered a hazard if you happen to be in their path when they hear running water, they run over anything in a frantic dash to be there first. Smart, sweet, playful and full of surprises, that is why we have 2,


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Our female Savannah loves to be brushed ,if we pick up a brush and rub a finger through it she will hear it 2 rooms away and comes running ,when she wants attention she will tell you and she will rear up to meet your hand when you pet her, she was bad about taking our things and hiding them but she just turned 2 this month and found other things to get into. Our male is 20 months old and still a kitten, he may never grow up, he is in to everything, if there is a room you don't want him into good luck, he has turned Door Darting into a Fine Art ,at 8 inches opening he comes out of know ware and through the door well be for you are in the room. Was far as water Savannah's I realized soon after we got them they would happy outside and I made a safe area outdoors for them with a pond and few feet of running water to the pond with a pump but the pond is close to a full time running creek and their pond a tracks frogs due to the sound of the running water, many times the cats scare the frogs and they dive in the pond and the cats go into hunt mode and dive in after them, hot summer days they don't seem to mind. I like the extreme , and the looks, intelligent , personality ,energy and it don't stop there brings me to the Savannah breed.


Savannah Super Cat
I'm not overly familiar with BCR being from the UK but I've seen some of their videos on YouTube and heard their name mentioned on here, and from what I see they do a good job with the big wild cats; but it seems odd to me that they choose to speak out about domestic breeds such as savannahs and bengals they should concentrate on rescuing 'big' cats.
I guess they are only judging the whole breed by what they rescue and not by the many happy well adjusted pet SV's.