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Definitely a savannah !!!

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Shyla doesn't mess with toilet paper or paper towels, anymore.....She's only 7 months now, and doesn't really destroy too much.....she just likes being up high---and of course, where she shouldn't be jumping (ceiling fans, entertainment centers, bookshleves.. etc...)! But she also does like posters.....she has torn up two in my daughters room;)
Zeus joined me for the first time in the shower this morning. He played with the water coming down for about a minute then left. I thought to myself ... that was quick, well maybe nextime will be longer. I hear a commotion, thinking ... oh no ... now what. I peeked out the open shower door to see what was amiss ... Zues had found the roll of TP that I had left unguarded on the tank of the toilet (normally TP is guarded as the precious resource it is in my house since Zeus arrived). I digress ... Zeus thought it would be fun to bring the roll of TP in to the shower with him and was trying to get it up over lip of the shower stall. Needless to say he and I didn't not aggree, and I immediately shut the shower door, thus ending todays festivities =(
Pixel & Kato are about 2yrs old...Pixel's B-day in March, and Kato's coming up on July 4th(!).
Pixel still goes after TP AND paper towels....and is for hire, if you need a an excuse for ruined paperwork in general. Kato, not so much...but the TP and paper towels must be kept in cabinets. ;-)