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Definitely a savannah !!!


Staff member
I wonder why mine don't do any of that kittens they were terrible with both...when Zuri is upset with me she does chew cardboard boxes.

Per Lausund

Staff member
It is connected with accessibility, not age. Any SV finds TP in our home, it gets killed (the TP, not the cat, they always win). With Bengals it´s big rolls of kitchen clean-up paper, the rolls that are supposed to be started in the middle, and they contain lots of paper. Once it´s out, the SVs define it as errant TP and "help". And yes, they do cardboard boxes too, but will always enjoy the odd roll. Of TP.


Savannah Teenager
OMG- the toilet paper we have been through in this house... I could probably finance a new bathroom with the cost of it! Simon is... geesh... going on four and still obsessed with it. It drives me bonkers.
My F4 has torn up multiple rolls of toilet paper except I guess the bathroom is too small for him instead he takes the entire roll in the livingroom to unroll and shred!!!