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Designing with a kitty (or multiple!) in mind


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Nikki this sounds awesome! I used wooden posts from home Depot for climbing poles.... I believe there is a video on my website, showing it all...


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Oh your close. You should come visit the store! I grew up near Princeton. Heading that way later today to meet my new niece so excited!


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Reposting my cats playroom. I used rope covered pvc pipe for the climbing pole. Bought cheap carpet at Home Depot for the shelves and cat walk and stuck it down with velcro strips. Easy to clean and easy to replace.

Used Anthony Morgan's recipe for the floating shelves

That is really helpful thank you Deb!

I very much like the shelves in front of the windows.

Patti, an outdoor enclosure isn't really in the cards right now, that is part of the reason we take the boys outside on their leashes and harnesses so much in good weather. Maybe in a year or two but not right now.

I have a bird feeder already, they can see it from "their" room upstairs, and from the first floor. We also have a squirrel who loves to taunt them who hangs out on the back steps :)


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Here is a photo as I mentioned previously, the before photo of my custom designed Palm tree. It was in a box of sand and shells. I removed the sand before kitty arrived. The last time I uploaded a photo it turned sideways, so if it does ....sorry about that.
The shiny-ness you see is clear packing tape covering the entire tree with sticky side exposed.


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Ok I wanna move in. I have no problem cleaning the tank and sleeping under the tree.
HA HA....... Well, no tank to clean. It had dry sand and shells. When I had saved enough money to buy a palm tree, I started shopping. Much to my dismay the cost was high and the Palm tree was short. Tallest Palm I could find at the time 10+ years ago was a 5 ft. For $385 and it wasn't even pretty. AND NOT NEAR TALL ENOUGH. I had envisioned sitting on my couch ( like u mentioned a restful sleep under the palm) looking up and see the palm frons over me. I wondered to myself, why must I only have the enjoyment and tranquil ambience for 14 days on vacation. I wasn't satisfied with 14 days out of 365 days. I wanted to enjoy sitting under my palm 365 days.... Yes yes yes that would work for me! The challenge was finding one. I found short and unattractive ( not inexpensive) or 7 ft which is what I wanted but, cost was outrageous and I wasn't in love with the look. So, I decided to create my own. I loved sitting on my couch with the frons overhead. In the photo I posted, we had moved and I had my desk in my art studio under it. We were moving at the time I took the photo ... It is perfectly balanced ( I did all this WAY WAY before kitty was even a thought) so if kitty hits it at a run, she will need to hang on as it will S-W-A-Y but won't fall over.
All this, to have a palm tree to enjoy every day. In front of my couch I had a box of sand to dig my feet into. AGAIN ALL PRE- KITTY THOUGHTS! my grandchildren loved having an indoor sand box!