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Dino quick pic

John Popp

Site Supporter
It always seems that the last day they're a kitten is when they get a little brother or sister. Hopefully I'll know when the time is right without causing any lonely days for Dino.

SV Dad

Site Supporter
He assuredly does, just that he is so incredibly sweet right now kind of hard to share his affection. He loves everyone he meets, follows Trish and I everywhere, while also making my "cat lady" sister continually gush over him. She's a great aunt for Dino and while I'm away always stops by to help Trish wear him out. Great sister, hope her 5 cats don't get jealous.
This sounds a lot like Chongo........

John Popp

Site Supporter
Yeah, in some ways he is a lot like Chongo and often has his name mistaken as such. Not quite as needy as Chongo, and Dino finds his way into more trouble. Also, Chongo was always clumsy and Dino has a great amount of Grace. Where Chongo was reckless, Dino is just fearless and elegant.
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