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Does your cat attack your clothes?


Site Supporter
My little jeckel and hyde randomly attacks his cushy bed that he otherwise seems to love and kneads himself to sleep in. one day he is all cuddled up cute in it next day trying to rip it pieces next day cuddled up in it again! It is small and on good days/nights he sleeps in it right next to my pillow. Other nights he hogs my pillow :rolleyes:


My hubby and I are still having a hard time not hanging our hoodies up on door knobs or draped over the back of a chair... because Kronos will chew on the strings until he breaks them off and swallow them. Our ragdoll could care less about these strings, but Kronos will go for them again and again no matter how much we yell at him! I have even thrown pillows at him from across the room and he runs off, and then comes charging right back for more.

We are learning slowly but surely to hang our hoodies up in the closet. What a pain, but keeps the house looking tidier at least lol ;)


We have tried this with Kronos. He is so intelligent, he has learned to search articles of clothing thoroughly in case any strings are tucked away!
I found even closet hanging hasn't worked well for me. Keljin is intelligent enough to search as well. Hoodies or Pajama bottoms on the floor, he knows to burrow and unfold, searching for the strings. The other morning in my closet I discovered that he pulled off ALL of my scarves down onto the floor. I guess I still start having to put those in the drawers :(

On a different topic away from strings, but still related to clothing.. Keljin also loves finding dirty undies.. gross!!!!! Sometimes I walk into the closet and he knocked over the hamper and is sitting down happily licking away, or trotting around the hallway with a pair in his mouth. Yucky boy!