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Down No More?


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I'm extremely fortunate to be able to be stay at home mom to my kitty. Big reason we waited so long 3 yrs. to add her to our family. So I'm here when big changes such as this to coach her and give her support. From swheat to pellets is a Huge change and she is handling the transition very well the past 24 hours. It is however harder for me to see and clean up when it's just pee. As I clean up after every time she uses the Lu.
I truly believe she did not have any complications with the clay litter is because I have made it a priority to add as much water to her daily intake as I can. I've not owned a cat before, I never knew cats are such buggers when it comes to just having a drink of water. Kitty allows me to give her water from a syringe dripping it in to her mouth. And I do this as many times a day as she is willing. On a good day 4 or 5 times plus I always add drips to water to all her food, not too much or she won't eat it. Because I am always giving her water I believe she was able to escape the dangers of ingesting such a large amount of litter on that day. I also believe it might of been a slight way of revenge, as I am home with her but on occasion I do have a dr appointment or such. On that day she decided to have a litter eating party I was not home. Of course I'm guessing at all this. Except for the saved her. Yesterday's BM cleared out the last of the clay. What about sand? As it happened where they will eat the pellets? aye ve