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Elsa playing with RoboFish - Aquarium Style

John Campbell

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He has not been introduced to the other cats yet. That comes sometime this week. It was him alright. He jumped up in my lap and left wet kitty prints.

You are being Judge, Jury, and Executioner here...

To defend him, it got hit by accident... His paws are wet because he accidentally walked through it after it was spilled. Besides, my client states one of the other kitties came in there, and to make him look bad, the other kitty spilled it, ran out, and circumstantial evidence makes Atticus look guilty. Besides your honor.. You know how smart the older kitties are and can open doors and so forth... I call for a mistrial on the basis that my client has been falsely accused.

Furthermore... He is way too cute and small to accomplish such a feat.