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F2 Savannah Pics


Staff member
Love these pics...Malik is very tall, correct?
He is 18 inches from base of neck to base of tail; 16 inches at the shoulder and when he stands on his hind legs he is 42 inches tall. He weights only 18 lbs. I was really surprised at his weight because when I carry him, he feels like he weighs more.


Savannah Super Cat
My F1 is only 15 lbs. Everyone kept asking how much does she weigh and I really couldn't answer. Goes to show that it is height over weight. They should look big but not necessarily heavy. My F7 girl is a whopping 5 lbs tho'- LOL!


Staff member
My F6, Taj, is not tall, but is very long...he weighs in at about 15-16 pounds...he is definitely a bruiser....especially when he jumps from the catwalk to the bed and lands on me in the middle of the night.