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F4 kitten arrives tomorrow!


Site Supporter
So, time for an update. Mickey Blue Eyes Andrieu has settled in very well, he is upstairs in bed with Michael right now, while D and Jarvis are downstairs with me snuggling in front of the (gas) fireplace. i am typing this with 2 fingers as D has temporary custody of my left hand
Mickey is officially a lap cat, he cries to be picked up and he has taken to sleeping in my arms. D and Jarvis have taken the arrival of their new little brother very very well- both of them will groom him, and are very patient with his kitten antics. D and Jarvis also seem less aggressive towards each other, although I think this is more due to the fact that Jarvis was neutered the week after Mickey arrived than anything else.
Our little Mickey is currently weighing in at 4.3 lbs, and his coloring has changed pretty dramatically. He has visible grayish-tanish spots, stripes, and a tail that looks like it was dipped in soot. We are thrilled to have him with us, and are enjoying watching him grow.