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Harness and leash question......


Savannah Teenager
I let them wear the harness for a couple of days.. then once they are really used to it I put a short leash on and let them drag it around the house ( with supervision of course) I do this for a couple of hours for a couple of days.. and then outside they go ! Dont expect to do much walking the first month.
Let your kitten explore as you sit on a park bench and relax. Let them get used to the limit that a leash puts onthem ( 4-5 ft) and then slowly start guiding them along for short walks. and yes,.. as the previous poster mentioned.. don't let them see how you got outside or they will nag and dart at that door as they get older.


Staff member
Thank you, Teresa! I never thought of the short leash trick, but now I will definitely try it out on the kittens...and yes, you are right...for the first few weeks, they just want to smell the roses ;)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I love that act, "This coat is KILLING ME!" "I'll never survive this!". "Do you WANT me to paralysed?"

LOL! Yup ;)


Savannah Super Cat
Jengo was 6 months when we got him and now a year, we've never been able to get him to endure the harness - even just the harness. He forgets how to walk and talk when he's wearing it, poor guy.

We'll try some the advice here and see how he does but maybe he was too old?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Charley, I don't think he's too old. Most cats and kittens do the falling over, paralyzed act when they are first outfitted in a walking jacket. Are you trying a regular harness or a cat walking jacket? It should fit snug so he can't get it off, but not so loose that he can wriggle out of it. Keep trying it with him under supervision. He'll get used to it; most cats do, some sooner than others... I've had some who never gave it a second thought and the more stubborn ones who race around the room as if that will make the jacket disappear :)