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Hello I'm Echo


Savannah Adult
Suki is doing awesome. She is thriving on her raw diet, eats like a HORSE. Was 5 lbs 5 oz at 16 weeks, is up to 8 lb 1 oz just 7 weeks later - and so strong! I brought home her new roommate today - a rambunctious little male F8 SBT who looks to be a handful in the making. They have only seen each other through the glass door, will be at least a couple of weeks before I will introduce in person. She is now hissing at every whiff of him, lol.

A few photos from today.... View attachment 28047 View attachment 28048 View attachment 28050 View attachment 28051 View attachment 28052
Hey, Hows Suki doing? Would love to see some recent photos and catch up, perhaps you can show on here or message us on Instagram Hope to hear from you guys!!


Savannah Adult
Hey Guys, Its Echo, I'm much older now. 16lbs
Hope all is well with you all!!!!!


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