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Help?!?Anyone familiar with bengals??


Staff member
Have you made an appointment to take her to the vet? You need to run an uppr respiratory PCR on her so that you know what you're dealing with. Hopefully it is something that is easily treated!

SV Dad

Site Supporter
Interesting. More evidence of an infection. Neosporin will handle a topical bacterial infection. I'm still a little worried about a viral infection. But that looks like a large improvement. I agree with the PCR check. These breeders know what they are doing.


Savannah Super Cat
I have a bengal and the dry nose is very common in the breed… So no worries there. Also I believe your babies nose looks like herpes. which is very common in cats that come from catteries and shelters, so basically common in ALL cats. Some show no symptoms, some are chronic. If she is sneezing a lot it could be caused by a flare up. If she is stressed at all it can cause a flare up which causes a viral infection which causes a lot of sneezing. I have seen Lysine help with the viral infection… Basically you just have to let a viral infection take its course. If it is bacterial then medication would be needed. Hope that helps and I hope you find answers for your baby :)


Savannah Super Cat
Oh but I forgot to mention.. if there is nasal discharge then medication will definitely be necessary due to it becoming a secondary bacterial infection.