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Homemade impromptu bird blind. 1 of 2


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Carl, are you saying that if I want shiny hair I have to eat some Fancy Feast and Blue Buffalo dry and sleep on a heating pad? ;)
Linda it worked for Cody, Vet said he's Slick as a Seal and that's his secret that you wanted but I really recommend anything Cody does you shouldn't. Today it was in the low 40's and Cody and Casey wanted out to watch the wildlife , the deer are having a hard time due to the record cold and deep snow and I cleared a 3x4 foot area and keep corn in it for the wildlife and it's close to the cats enclosure, so I let them out, big mistake, and hour or so latter I let them in, they came running muddy feet thru the kitchen , both cat's. Pictures won't load file to large ?
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