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I don't understand!

Brigitte Cowell

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I think in the case of those kittens, it is more of a case of some Savannah kittens looking more like domestic shorthairs. We are still developing our breed and the outcrosses used still have some influence on looks. So some Savannah kittens may show the effects of the Bengal, Oriental or even domestic shorthairs used in their heritage.

Also remember that spotted tabbies occur in the domestic population, ferals for example, and that all kittens tend to have larger ears that they "grow into" generally... just our Savannahs should not! All kittens are crazy and energetic too so just having an active kitten doesn't make it a Savannah. I run (along with some other great people) the Savannah breed rescue group, we are always fielding such enquiries of finding a kittten at a shelter and thinking they got the bargain of the century because the kitten is spotted and crazy playful hence it must be a Savannah right? Not...


Savannah Super Cat
But I really like the traits of the savannahs. I'm just going to save up more money and try looking agian with a bigger budget;)
I definitely love the look of Marble and Snow Savannahs, they still have the personality, face, ears, legs, and body of all SV's with just a different paint job. I certainly wouldn't complain about their price!


Savannah Super Cat
You can get them in the same price range as Siamese if you are not looking for a show quality kitten. So, a melanistic with a locket will be less etc. if you are looking for a pet only, with a unique personality, that chirps rather than meows some of the time etc, you can get one for $1000. Maybe 750.

I got my F5 snow for $1000 which included shipping. He was getting old and they were desperado to move him (original purchaser backed out). He was 20 weeks old.
Got my F4 melanistic female (she has a small locket and a few stray white hairs here and there) for $1200. They too were desperate to move her (too early) because the wife was due to deliver their first child any day...we got her at 8 weeks. Generally 12 weeks is best, but both acclimated fine. We got him, then her a few months later.

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