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I Don't Want To Have To Give My Savannah Kitten Away!! Please Help Us!!!


Savannah Super Cat
Great advice on here and good luck with the quarantine Elara! I just wanted to share a little bit about my girl Isabis. We got her at 12 weeks with her 3 year old sister Brooklyn. They were very strongly bonded ( it was the cutest thing ever!!) So the breeder told us we need to do the quarantine and all that but separate the two so we could bond with Isabis. Well we did the quarantine without separating them, ( I just didn't have the heart to separate them) and obviously Isabis was NOT in love with us like she and Brooklyn at the end of the two weeks. But we're able to still pet her on her terms of coarse and that was okay with me, for a while. Well it took about a year+ until she became close with me, with lots of play, teaching tricks, for food and just trying to gain trust. She started to like me and come to me and be affectionate a lot more often and I thought that was as good as it was gonna get, but it got even more "intense" a while after that, which was pretty recently. Now she's obsessed lol. Sort of. She follows me everywhere, talks to me, ( which she never did before) she gives those intense savannah lovings, let's me hold her too,and she likes it!! I really don't know why I didn't do another quarantine with Isabis to bond with her. I don't think I thought of that, and I didn't ask the forum. But I'm sure that will help A LOT better and faster than playing it out as I did. Good luck!!


Savannah Kitten
Thanks everyone! We really appreciate all the feedback and are excited to try this out. Due to a really busy work week Elara starts her quarantine tomorrow, I feel pretty bad taking her away from her best friend the dog, but if we can get the results we want it will be worth it! I anticipate a lot of meowing and whining behind the closed door but here's hoping everything goes well! Ill keep anyone interested updated on her progress!