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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Young and small so they fit in the seat together.


Not quite so small anymore.


Here we have Tetsunosuke or his short name Tetsu.


And here is Mokkun.



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Okay I have to tell you all about something funny that happened about an hour ago.

Bella had broken the tank on one of the toilets a few weeks back. I picked up a new
bowl and tank the week before Christmas and had been putting it off. So tonight I did
the install.Bella was nowhere to be seen when I started so I left the boxes out for Xander
to play in and he did have a good time as I was working and it helped to keep him busy
(Like any toddler). So I get the new bowl set of the floor and start to install the tank.
Everything is going just fine until I turn the water on. No leaks or other issues just the sound
was a little new for the kitties. This toilet is one of the power flush ones. They were not too
happy about all the noise as the air was bleeding out of the system. I got the point where it was
flushing nicly with the air sounds quieting down to normal. So I take a short break and pick
up the plastic (We all know Bella loves plastic bags) and stuff it into some of the little boxes
and take it out into the garage and come back in for the next arm load of trash. I headed back
in again to finish installing the seat. There is bella in the bowl playing in the water like it's her
own personal foot bath. I am so happy it's a new toilet that is clean and un-used. She tracked
water all over the kitchen. I got to putting the seat on right then and there. Had I been thinking
about the funny aspect I would of grabbed the camera and snapped a shot I think she would of
been quite happy to play longer.

These cats have us just wrapped around there paws that is a fact.


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She likes to perch on the tank and jump off after Xander.
The crack ran from below the tank up the face. It had not broken all the way through.
But because I was using the blue tablets in that one I happened to see a blue line that
got me to check out what was going on. So now I need to find something that she
won't push off to sit on the tank to keep her from doing the same thing again.