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Kovu's no good, horrible, bad day


Savannah Super Cat
not trying to imply that he doesn't have the cleanest litterbox on the planet.... but having gone through the whole UTI thing multiple times, the first thing they tell you is make sure the litterbox is kept spotless, maybe even add another so that there's always a pristine place for him to pee.

No offense taken! I am going to empty their litter boxes and clean them out today. They have three that I scoop twice daily and then add more litter as it gets low. I do the big cleaning every three months with fresh litter, so maybe I need to do that more frequently.


Eddies a ham!
Odd thought; old wives tale- corn silk "tea" was used for UTIs long before antibiotics; also relieves painful urination...IDK if it would work for Kovu tho :/


Savannah Super Cat
Update! Kovu is doing much better. He ran up to me, put his little paws around my neck and bit my nose.


Savannah Super Cat
Great news! And he knows you were the one who made him feel better. Smart kitty.
Or he knows I brought him to that awful place where he was poked, prodded and had something stuck up his unmentionables for a urine sample thereby deserving of being bitten! It is so classic Kovu, trying to be a good boy when he is overcome by the urge for badness. If he was a human boy, I would have notes every day from his teacher about his lack of listening ears, walking feet and inside voice!


Site Supporter
Too funny .... only a Savannah owner can be thrilled about being bitten on the nose and seeing it as a good sign! Happy to hear he is feeling better!