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Lennox was put to sleep


Savannah Super Cat
I hate BSL. It makes no sense what so ever. And the comment in the article from the kennel workers about how he'd be friendly one day and the next try to get at them. Well I've worked in a animal shelter. I can't imagine any dog being confined that long not having some type of issues. I feel sad for the family but at the same time I do wish people who live in areas that don't allow a certain breed not to get one. I understand some can be questionable in which breed they are, but if there is any chance it might be best not to get. It usually turns out bad for the dog. :(
I agree with this. I, along with my mom, volunteered for a long time at a high kill shelter in Oklahoma. Most of the dogs and cats there are terribly frightened. They pick up that its a "bad" place & it scares them. The majority of them tho, once you get them out of the cages, on a leash, & out to the field where we walk them are AMAZING dogs. I mean, imagine being ripped from your family, thrown in a cage, and have death lurking around the corner. I'd be scared out of my mind too. July 11th was just a bad day for the animal community. First Lennox, then some of the dogs at the animal control where my mom volunteers were gassed. Dogs that were waiting for transport to rescues & fosters. So the volunteers got to play "identify the corpse" & make the call to the people who were supposed to be taking them to let them know they were murdered. Terrible, terrible day.