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Leo very sick


Staff member
So we just left the vet. She believes it is something viral because he is not responding to steroids, antibiotics, onsior or the cefpodoxime. Things have gotten worse after giving these meds. These are the tests vet is doing;
1. feline upper respiratory profile-antech
2. Dermatophyte (ringworm) culture-DTM
3. Fluids SQ 250m
4. Vitamin B complex add to fluids
5. VetriScience lysine supplement
He is staying overnight to get fluids and be monitored. Leo’s vet is going to talk to the vet he saw while being at Exotico Savannah’s to see if there are any reported problems/allergies etc. with their cats. I’m very disappointed in them, both of my cats have pretty bad problems...I’ve had cats ALL my life and have never run into as many problems as I have had with Samme and Leo and BOTH of them came from the same cattery.
I'm really should not have so many issues and hopefully the vet will be able to figure it out. I knew the owner of exotico savannahs and she was a good person...unfortunately she had an accident and died in the summer...please let us know how Leo is doing.

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