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Meet Amani, our first Savannah


Savannah Super Cat
Amani is at the vet now for his procedure. Oh my how silent it is at home..

I got the scare of my life when going on my way there, on our way down the stairs to the street, the the zipper which should close the front of the carrier, went loose and he fell down on the ground. We live at a very crowded street, I don´t even want to start imagining what could have happened if he got loose on the street itself. But getting the nerves again when thinking of it.

Few hours waiting left before we can pick him up again, should find something to kill the time with

A few new pictures to share that I took of him last weekend

Handsome and he knows it :love:



Staff member
Thank goodness there was no cat-astrophe with him escaping - I hope you've either fixed the problem or gotten another carrier!

Love the pic, so cute!!! :love:


Staff member
I hope Amani recovers quickly from his neuter. I bet he's back to his antics within hours of coming home. He is very cute. I love his sweet little face.


Savannah Super Cat
Good morning :paw:

Yes I am very grateful that we were spared from a possible disaster. On the spot I had no other choice than to take him with his harness on only with me. Carrying and on my lap in the public transport to not be late for his appointment.

I will never use that carrier again for him, even if they would send me a new one. Its not just a production flaw but the zipper seems to be too weak to hold any pressure. In the spoiler you can see what happened to it..

His procedure went well. And at home again he walked out of his (new) carrier purring and headbutting our legs. A bit wobbly on his feet but that disappeared fast. He ate and drank shortly after and besides being a bit more mewing he was his sweet self again.

In the after care package from the vet we found a little gift for him by the way. A kong playing/feeding ball. What a present to give to a just neutered cat!

Why are you working??! look at me! cuddle meee!

In between he was softly touching me with those big fluffy front paws Love 2

more cuteness below