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Meet Amani, our first Savannah


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Hello everyone

Amani is growing so fast! I feel that he is almost 2 times as big as when he came home! The growing will slow down of course at some pint but I wonder how large he is going to be. He is eating a lot ad well, he always has dry food available in his bowl, and from me he gets a piece of boiled chicken a few times per day.

We kind of used it to to bond initially, and he gets a treat after I clean his eyes which he absolutely hates.
Now we use it to teach him little things. Sitting, low five, high five and our newest accomplishment is ''up'' where he goes up with both front paws on my hand.

Yesterday I took him outside for the first time for a walk. Well I was walking and carried him. As I carry him around the house as well he is quite comfortable with it. Sadly the bad weather didn't allow me to take him out earlier. It wasn't a great success. Silly me.. I forgot it was a national holiday in Holland, called Kings day where the birthday of a former Queen is celebrated.

While passing a crossing suddenly a car next to us made a huge burnout with incredible loud noise. Needles to say, Amani was terrified. I managed to hold him, and of course he had his harness on attached to me, but he was mewing and shaking allover. I feared that he would be in shock or very stressed afterwards, but when coming home he immediately started washing himself and drank some water. I hope the weather will allow us to make it a good experience soon..!

Some lovely pictures I made the past days

The look

I don't even..
Somehow he managed to get in here. I definitely need to start making locks!

Meeting a distant relative

Discovering the magic of water coming out of a shiny thing. He adores fresh streaming water!

More in the spoiler
Also made a video of him playing with water and an ice cube

Relaxing time after our outside scary adventure

Pictures from if anyone would be interested. I am too proud of my little beautiful boy I could post them all haha

A question:
Maybe our Paige or a moderator can move this topic to the picture subforum here? As I would love to keep posting pictures but we aren't really introducing ourselves anymore. Making a third topic, doesn't seem like a good idea.
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Awww, poor baby! I'm glad he recovered quickly from his outdoor ordeal - that is a sign of a well adjusted kitty!

Why are you having to constantly clean his eyes? Does he have an infection? It he on antibiotics? Definitely continue with the treat after cleaning, and maybe some play time with a wand toy as well, so that it can become more of a positive experience.

I think this is the perfect thread to continue to post pics and updates of Amani's progress .... waiting for some now - he is really a gorgeous kitty!!!


Savannah Super Cat
oh sorry Patti, didn't realize your admin tag too. Thank you for your tip and compliments :)

He doesn't have an eye infection but he had a lot of tear dirt forming in his eye corners even making a trail under it. Not sure how to describe it better in English, you can see it a bit in one of my previous pictures

So to not let it get into an infection I am carefully cleaning his eyes 2 times per day. I already notice its forming less and less.

By the way, do any of you wash/shower your Savannah? And if so, do you have any recommendations for shampoo?


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Awesome pictures. I really like the one in front of the TV too.
The video is entertaining. Mine loves to play with ice floating in water too and expresses interest in the "waterfall" but wants nothing to do with being in water like I've seen some others do.

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hi everyone

Summer finally broke through in Holland and gosh what a warmth.. We aren't quite used to that here :)
Nor is Amani being a winters child, he is laying lazy sleeping during days, only waking up to eat and drink. Only when the sun starts setting he feels like playing.

He adores being outside on the balcony and as we live on the 3rd floor, birds are everywhere. Most of them are actually twice his size but that doesn't shy him from stalking them!

However going outside is definitely not something he likes so far. I wonder if he will ever be more comfortable with that. So far I just take him on little strolls to a nearby field trying to make him used to it slowly. Any tips are surely welcome

Snapped a few new lovely pics to share!



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Amani is such a handsome lad!!!

I generally walk my kids in the dark of morning, like 4 am. Less activity, they find security in the dark shadows. we can actually put on some miles. My Domestic usually runs Scout and perimeter guard, chasing off the local Tom's, while the SV's do their thing. Have found a laser pointer can help instigate SV's directional control, well sometimes. Main thing is to just keep trying.

One may want to invest in a pet Stroller, so they can stroll them to a park, then leash up, to do some controlled ranging. Also taking them fur rides in the car, frequently, helps acclimate them to the Wild Kingdom, or something like that.:roflmao:
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Most Savannahs have been raised as indoor only cats, so many are wary of the outdoors and shy away from the experience. In my mind, this is a good thing - less chance of them turning into a door darter and disappearing forever. However, the above advice is good if you are determined to take Amani outside - quiet hours away from traffic, other noises, and any stray animals is probably best.