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New Floors!


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Too funny. I woke up from a dream last night that Rafiki had really scratched the living daylights out of my wood floors and couldn't figure out what had triggered such an odd dream. Logged onto SCC this morning and realized that I had read this post last night and was obviously wondering how it would hold up to the stampeding herd of savannahs. :LOL:

Jim & Baghira

Savannah Super Cat
I have that also in my long hallway;).
What I like the most about them is the texture they put on don´t get me wrong....Baghira and Gimli still peel out on them when they start to chase each other :wtf:. My wife likes that you can´t see the water spots on them(y)


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Dining room is done dining room new.jpg They started on the kitchen yesterday but couldn't get far because the plumber who disconnected the dishwasher forgot to plug the drain hole in the garbage disposer and we had a minor flood and had to wait for underlayment to dry out. I like the way the new floor warms up the kitchen
kitchen new partial.jpg Old floor for comparison kitchen old.jpg

This stuff is so realistic that I find myself running my finger over the knots and cracks because I forget they're not real. I just hope it lives up to the promises about its durability.

With luck and no more surprises (what are the odds), they should finish installation tomorrow. They still have to install all the new baseboard too so I'll stay cautiously optimistic that I'll have my house back by end of day tomorrow.

SV Dad

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Is there just a touch of floor flex? I see the padding layer. A very solid floor like concrete or tile on concrete will give the wife and I problems if we go barefoot. I like texture of the simulated grain for grip. I don't want to slide and bust my @$$.
I like the contrast of the darker wood with your cabinets.


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Is there just a touch of floor flex?
The planks are rigid. If it's any help, I have ridiculously tender feet -- lots of problems with bones and I need softness underneath if I'm barefoot. I can't even stand on shower floors that have the fake river pebbles.

I've been walking barefoot on this stuff for 2 days with no problem. It feels soft to me. Maybe its the cork layer or maybe it's psychological because I know the cork layer is there. I couldn't walk barefoot on the old wood laminate.