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Ninja and the Bear


Site Supporter
Oh boy. I have yet to actually see him do it, but Bear can now open doors. I only know because he's taken to letting himself into the bathroom if I happen to get in there alone (lol). There's no way to push the door open without turning the handle, I tried. Been wondering when it was going to happen, as he's figured out the window latches. He looks so confused when he undoes the latch and the window doesn't open. I'm glad he's got some satisfaction from the door, even though it means the end of any privacy for me. LOL
Lol Patti, it's survived so far! I got it for when the boys enter "kill mode", and like to thrash each other. A few rounds of rabbit kicking the hedgehog seems to calm them down. Used to be a fuzzy purple football, but they got too big for that one. :roflmao:


Staff member
Great diversion tactics! I have a girl who just loves to bite on my legs - go figure, but when I see her eye straying that way I pull out the wand toy and distract her. Works great as long as I'm paying attention to her... :rolleyes: