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One Fast Cat vs Go Cat Wheel


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Actually, it was supposed to be my office, where I work from home. But Stinky took it over, so now I am his assistant in HIS office! :Geeky:


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Update on the wheel! I bought the more expensive Go Cat Wheel, but I think the One Fast Cat wheel would have been fine, too. My kitty had no interest whatsoever. I thought I had made a big mistake. But I was patient. I put treats on the wheel and toys, but didn't try to get him to use it. After a few weeks, he became more relaxed with the wheel being in "his" office. Then, I started trying to entice him to get all 4 feet on the wheel with treats. That didn't work so well until I had the idea to squeeze little blobs of gel Felovite on the wheel. So he started going after that and then walking to get to the next blob. He finally graduated to walking on the wheel when I held a treat in front of him. Now he uses it several times a day without any prompting. (Of course middle of the night is the favorite time!) He doesn't run for a long time, usually just short spurts--sometimes slow and sometimes fast. The good new is, he likes it, he really likes it!!!
GREAT idea to get them to use the wheel. I might steal that trick!!


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Glad to hear about the go cat wheel success and those are some great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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I'm glad you were able to educate your kitty on the joys of a cat wheel. I know some cats really shy away from them, but I find the vast majority really love it once they finally figure out how fun it is.


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We have had the OFC wheel for about 6-7 months. Loki uses it daily, Stoney curses its existence. It started making more noise and seemed slow, and inspection revealed that the frame where the tubing connects cracked due to stress from Loki's exuberance. He would be a great beta tester for cat equipment. I called and was asked to email pics and description to their support site and they will send replacement parts. Hoping for the best, Loki doesn't understand why his wheel won't go.


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Got notification that replacement parts were sent out same day with no charge, so wanted to compliment them on great service.