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Playing Fetch



Yea i know its not a bengal board(im fresh outa savannah at the monent) but my bengal will play fetch and some times make a pit stop at the water bowl,dunk the toy then bring it to me.Even when she plays with toys by herself she will put them in the water and leave them-prey drowning thing ?


Savannah Super Cat
We found a new pet store in our little city (so excited!) and picked up Leyla some little "teething" toys and these have become her new fetch toys in earnest. We throw, she dashes off madly, usually slides along the hardwood floor making her grab, fights with it and then brings it back. Unfortunately, this has prompted a new behaviour of dropping it next to the foot of the person she wants to play with and promptly attacking said foot >.<


Savannah Super Cat
Oh boy, Sofia will dig if I hide it...and after 30 seconds she'll wander off and find another toy. It makes me laugh when she decides she wants to play with a wand. She'll find them in a "safe" out-of-the-way hiding place, and drag to whole thing and start playing with it beside me!


Loyal Servant
Isis will drop it on the pillow or walk it in her jaws up to my face as the clue she wants to fetch at bed time, but I roll over and ignore, she gives my arm or hand a playful bite or two through the blanket before swatting the toy around on her own off the bed usually. After a couple minutes she jumps back and curls up until I get up.

I particularly enjoy that Isis will return the toy to my hand height if that means bringing it up to the counter close to throw and not just drop it at my feet. Without question there are 5-6 fetch sessions per day of a dozen tosses or more each. The other boys just watch her go back and forth.

The new game is to see how far I can get it to travel, 30ft across the bedroom into the hallway, then down a flight of stairs and into the entry way. These take a little more time to bring back because it goes from carpeted stairs to tile and gets some additional roll to it if a ball! A good 75ft each way is great exercise.

SV Dad

Site Supporter
Mayhem loves to chase a toy down the stairs. He will even keep knocking it around until he makes it to the stairs. He loves going hell bent after it. I worry he might break a leg running around like a lunatic.