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Poor Amara

David Z

Site Supporter
Amara seems to be getting better, she ate all meals yesterday and breakfast this a.m.
Her spirits are a lot better aswell.
Squeakerz went to vet this a.m. cause she didn't eat dinner last night, she had clogged up anal glands. She had that problem about 6 months ago aswell.
Vet wants to see if thats what's causing her meowfunction before we go further.
Any suggestions on what too add to Squeakerz diet to keep her glands from clogging again?


Staff member
Any suggestions on what too add to Squeakerz diet to keep her glands from clogging again?
Depends on why they're clogging. If it's a random occurrence or random infection, you don't need to add anything. If Squeakers always has loose or soft poop, you can try adding a 1 tsp of canned pumpkin (make sure it's pure pumpkin) to 1 meal per day. It adds fiber and bulk and should help the glands empty when she poops but you shouldn't use the pumpkin all the time. Maybe a change of food is the answer.

David Z

Site Supporter
Vet put her on a special sensitive stomache diet when it first started happening and she had no issue till now. She used to like Amara's food but one day she just snubbed her nose at it, she's a very finicky kid. Some days she wants wet food and the days she snubs her nose at wet food she wants dry food.
I'd much rather her just eat the wet food. She's a very odd on her eating habits aswell. Tried putting her on just a routine of when breakfast and dinner was to no avail. It has to be her idea when she wants food, so I've learnt how she acts when she's actually going to eat otherwise, food would be wasted or Amara would steal it:ROFLMAO:.

Tried giving her pumpkin with her food back when she first had the problems all I got was a dirty look followed by her walking away and refusing to eat it.
She has so much cattitude for a ball of fluff.
There's a dry pumpkin product marketed for dogs, but safe for cats (says so on packaging) called "diggin your dog - firm up! pumpkin". It's flakey/powdery, and can go on wet or dry food, maybe that would be more acceptable to Mz Squeakerz...? Chewys has it for less than $10 per bag.
Amara update.
Amara is at my vet today hospitalized. She was doing great till yesterday.
I think she has a blockage, yesterday she threw up a piece of plastic and could not hold down food or water.
She was very upset this morning they had to give her a sedative to be able to handle her, she was even growling and hissing at me.
I'm awaiting to hear from my vet, their going to do a barium treatment followed by series of xrays to see if they can find the blockage. She is also having blood work again.

Squeakerz is doing great she seems to be over her meowfunction, she is currently lost awaiting her big sisters return.
Just got home with Amara, the barium is not moving through her system at the rate it should be, some is getting into her intestine, at a slow rate.
She's goes back in the morning for 1 more xray to see if it's passed threw if not she will need surgery to see what she has in her stomache by the exit area(odd word I do not care to butcher atm).
She is very happy to be home and she is still pretty high.