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Preview, Code Name Dino

John Campbell

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Staff member
Trish has 3 names for Dino. The first one is pretty obvious being "Dino". The second one is "Muffy" which both Dino and I stand in great opposition to. The third is "Yorkat" which is only used when Dino has done something wrong and it needs to be cleaned up. For example, Trish says "Yorkat has pulled those 6 ears of corn off the counter and made a mess of them. You need to clean that up".

So while I think Trish is having a great time with Dino while I'm away, she's not getting to address him with the name of convenience she uses when I'm around.

LOL... Nice name.... Yorkat is a good one... Where did "Muffy" come from.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
He is a Savannah cat. Vastly superior to any mere human. His name should reflect that superiority..
Such as "Your Royal Highness Sir Dino", or "Master Dino sir", or " Lord Dino of the Higher Realms, keeper of the Universal Order".
NO "muffy" Reminds me of a small baked good.
And although "Yorkat" IS accurate, It does send a message that Lord Dino is subserviant to his human slaves, which we KNOW could not be further from the truth.