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Proposing Savannah Breed Information and Resource Project


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Agreed. I have lurked many a Serval pix, and I've come to the same conclusion: there is wide variety of looks among the ones I've seen. That's surprised me some...well maybe it's just me being discriminant now of particular features, like the eyes, nose, ears, spots, body size?

John Popp

Site Supporter
Oh I definitely think you're right scorpius, as there seems to be more than a dozen subspecies and some sites have over 20 listed. My guess is that the savannah community is touching on a small fraction of the subspecies and likely very limited lineage of servals that have ever entered breeding programs.


Staff member
Hi Patti

Who deals with the members log in for the Savannah Brred section website? I e-mailed the via the contact link a few days ago, but have heard nothing back? I paid to belong to the breed section (via my TICA membership) last year, but they never put it on, which I didn't realise until I re-newed this year :(

Many thanks

Jo I will email you privately :)