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Question about breeding


Savannah Super Cat
The savannah cat book doesn't list reputable breeders, unless it is a new version. Several of my savannahs are featured in that book.

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This edition is a couple of years old.You are absolutely correct. What I should have said is in the history of the breed several people are mentioned. Then in the pictures of the different filial groups there are names with the pictures, the cattery they came from were listed and I assumed to be included in that book they had to be reputable.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think that the author chose people who SHE thought were reputable to ask for pictures (I don't say that because I was asked)... my advice is that if you are considering breeding, also consider owning a pet for a year or two and participating here on the forum and on some of the Savannah groups on Facebook (Savannah Cat Enthusiasts, Hooked on Savannahs and SavannahGans are three I'd recommend) to get to know the Savannah community. You will then learn which breeders are highly involved in the breed and give help that you could trust. You will learn who only posts to advertise available kittens... which can simply mean they have busy lives but can also indicate that they only care about sales. Time will allow you to discern more. The FB group Savannah Breeding Beginners can be a good place to ask breeding related questions.

Like you, I needed to research (I have a doctorate in Microbiology)... that's why I did take a couple years after purchasing my first Savannah back in 2001 learning before I purchased my first breeding cat. It really helps. Even better is if you can buy a Savannah to show for a year, as you would learn a lot then too...but Covid makes that impossible right now :-(


Savannah Super Cat
I have a 6 yr old Savannah who I received at 12 weeks old. He is an F4 SBT and his TICA name is Cats of the Ozarks Grand Garçon Puma. The breeder was a veterinarian. I am a member of most of the Savannah Facebook clubs. I bred a Persian years ago and she delivered healthy kittens. Paid stud fees x 3 until she found one she let get near her. One of my Maine Coon kittens won 5th in place at White Plains Show. Incidentally that was about 15-20 yrs ago and one of the first Savannah’s was on display as a new breed. He was huge and gorgeous. I knew one day I would get one. But at that time I was very involved with my Maine Coon. His sire was pretty famous call Doc after her TICA name Doc Holliday Maine Coons. That breeder retired.When I was showing my Maine Coons we also went to NYC Cat Show, that may have been nationals, and a couple of big shows in Philly. But during those days TICA did not recognize the Savannah. I had a Himalaya and 2 Abbysinians over a 20 yr period. So I have been bouncing around the cat world for many years but this is my first hybrid. What amazes me is although I love my Maine Coon and Singapura very much, there is something about my Savannah that is entrancing. Kind of like a favorite child. I had taken in 1 feral cat who actually was the longest lived, 16 yrs. That’s pretty much my cat history. Lost my 178 Lb Pyrenean Mastiff 2 yrs ago. And my dad bred thoroughbreds horse. So I have to correct myself re hybrids. My horse was a hybrid. A Spanish Norman, resulting of breeding a an Andylusian with a Percheron, I waited for him to be born. When interested in something I’m all in. Sometimes good for the animals but at times not me because I have spread myself thin at times. Spent a fortune on salt water fish over 15yrs,another Tapa talk group I belong to. Sorry, this is a ridiculously long thread which may be the result of isolating so long during this pandemic.

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