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Recipes for Home Made Raw Food


Savannah Super Cat
This thread is awesome. I'm going to start slowly transitioning my kitten from dry food to wet canned food, and then give the raw food diet a try. His stools are pretty hard which indicate to me he's not getting enough water. I've been giving him pieces of chicken heart with his dry food and he absolutely devours them.

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
A BIG thank you to everyone for this information! After reading this we've decided on a raw diet. Not to mention the nickle and dime side of things, preparing your own food is far cheaper than buying a decent alternative. I'm going to contact a few local butchers to see if I can get them to grind meats for me and then just mix in the additional needed ingredients. Doing the math for a good raw alternative was well over 5 to 6 dollars a pound.

Thanks again everyone!! Invaluable info!

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
I've been doing more reading, to much reading really. And found some information on just cutting the food, say chicken thighs and wings, into chunks or served whole. Allowing them to have smaller bones to bite through, not taking into account supplements and organ meats. The argument being the cats teeth are the tools to break the food down and offers the cleansing of his teeth by biting through meat and bone. One concern my wife (the Pam of 'Pam and Will') is worried about him playing with the food or holding it with his paws then tracking raw chicken around. Short of that any insight is appreciated. :confused: I know I'm really starting to over thing this... LOL
This is the spot to highlight your culinary skills and share recipes for those who are novices to raw feeding and don't know how to begin.
Hi, i am new to raw feeding , and want to buy a meat grinder that will grind chicken bones & small bones in with you know of anyone who has bought one or know of a place i can order one that does this. Thank you so much for your help ( STARROSE)