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RIP Rascal update (Rascal on the mend)

John Popp

Site Supporter
So sorry Mike and Laura, Rascal will be missed by many. The love of your cats speaks volumes to all of us and although we never forget them, in time the hurt of their passing is replaced by a smile knowing how much they enriched our lives. Our thoughts are with you. Rest In Peace Rascal.


Staff member
I am so sorry Mike and Laura there are no words! You did everything possible for Rascal and we know how much you love your cats! RIP Rascal

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Site Supporter
I am very sorry to hear that Rascal passed and I know he had a good life with you and your family and that he will be sadly missed.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Thank you, all of you, for your support and condolences.
It had reached a point of runaway massive inflammation of the abdominal cavity, which would not respond to treatment.
Rascal was truly a very unique cat. A one of a kind. He had a sweet charming character. His paws (shoe) shoes will never be filled in my lifetime. His brother Mayhem, however, is becoming an amazing cat, just in a different flavor. He too, will have paws, hard to fill again.
My wife and I have always had a cat in our 40 years of marriage. Rascal was the first cat I picked out. And I picked a winner.
We have been graced for 8 years of his presence, of which we are extremely grateful, to have shared his life and our life.
Rest in peace Rascal. We loved you dearly.

Again, a special thanks, to John Popp, John Campbell, and Sue, for their support and understanding in this challenging time of my life. They have been in communication with me throughout this tragedy.
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Staff member
My heart is breaking for you guys, but at least we know he is not suffering. RIP Rascal, he will be missed by many!! :cry: